You’re using your power for evil. 

By not using it. 

You’re telling yourself and the people around you a story. With everything you do, are and create. 

People are storytellers. We tell ourselves stories, and we communicate them to our environment.

Stories shape our societies and lives, they can kill thousands of infants, inspire wars or free slaves – or maybe just give new hope to one single reader. 

So what if you could use this immense power for a story that is worth telling? A story that is worth living?  

“Live for more. – a phrase form Red Rising that affected me, from a story that Pierce Brown chose to tell.

Great storytellers are not only the best novelists. They’re the best marketers, influencers, communicators, coaches, partners and parents.

The power is at your fingertips.

How do you begin? 

Welcome to your author journey.

By telling an authentic story.

Only authentic stories are those who use their power for good. 

An authentic story is the one you live, by being the hero. 

This is where you – unintentionally – use your power for evil.


You let others write it for you.

90 % of the people are victims of their environment. They do what they are told to: go to school, college, university and their day job. 

You are caught in the Ordinary World. 

Burying desire, hoping that maybe ... one day ... something will happen that'll turn the wheel of fortune in your favor. 

Harry Potter lived in a cupboard under the stairs and Luke Skywalker on moisture farm.

Thomas Edison was considered unteachable and Walt Disney didn't even qualify to work at a local newspaper.

All stories start in the Ordinary World. Whatever yours might look like.

And they all start with the spark of desire.

People want to believe in stories, but you have to deliver a story that is real. Consistent throughout. 

It starts with you. Right now.


Find out below. Use your power for good.

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What do you have to lose?

Your fellow Story Artist, Diana