You wanted the life of a hero.

But reality looks different: the consuming everyday chaos.

A feeling of powerlessness settles in. Live like the others. Settle for mediocrity.

Even if you believed in an empowered life – where would you startThere is too much information out there. Too much advice. Conflicting. Too far away from your own reality. 

But what if the answer was right under your nose? 

The very thing you long for, that is "built into the human plan" (M. Atwood):

Welcome to your author journey.

Your story – as every story – starts with desire.

1. writing stories that matter in this world 

2. living freely to have the time to experience & create

To be the hero of your own story, don't let others write your story for you. 90 % of the people are victims of their environment. They do what they are told to: go to school, college, university and their day job.

I've been there, caught in the Ordinary World.

Burying desire, hoping that maybe ... one day ... something will happen that'll turn the wheel of fortune in our favor. 

Harry Potter lived in a cupboard under the stairs and Luke Skywalker on moisture farm. 

​Thomas Edison was considered unteachable and Walt Disney didn't even qualify to work at a local newspaper.

All stories start in the Ordinary World. Whatever yours might look like. 

And they all start with the spark of desire.

This is your call to adventure: 
Take a leap and embark on the storyteller's journey.

It's not going to be easy.

There will be battles, trials and consequences.

But here in Story Artist, I'll lead you through all of the stages of the storyteller's journey, and navigate you through the extraordinary world that is the author's life

... to help you gain the reward and get to the new life – a life that IS possible!

Every hero lived in the ordinary world. Every heroine took a leap to follow the call, because she could no longer ignore the desire. 

Are you ready to cross the threshold?

PS. You've heard the call to adventure, but now the pragmatic voice inside of you is whispering sweet nothings into your ear. This is the refusal to the call, a normal resistance before embarking on a new journey. You feel it every time you're about to enter a plane or change something in your life. Don't let it intimidate you. The resistance means that something meaningful is about to happen. Press the button above and let me navigate you to the next page of your story. 

Your fellow Story Artist, Diana