Things in life often happen not the way we expect them. Our plans are disrupted. Our expectations are disillusioned.

The same happened to me while I was traveling the Azores this summer. It is a magical island full of treasures to discover, so naturally, there were many expectations. And as always with life, things went wrong.

We failed to drive the car up a steep way, caused huge traffic and need help from a local Portuguese on the very first day. On the second day, my sister fainted in a boat and scared me to death. On the third day, we had a car accident. This is only to name a few major things that did not go the way we planned it.

Of course, the question is always: What do we do with those things? But I’d like to ask another question: Can we prepare for those things? Can we be ready for the unexpected?

Logic says: No way. Because it would not be the unexpected anymore if we expected it. And can we really walk around with a negative mindset, expecting accidents to happen all the time?

But I’d argue that there are two sides of one coin: expecting everything to go smooth and the way you planned it, and expecting everything to be a catastrophe. What we need to do is hold this coin in a constant balance.

The art of balancing the coin

Our human nature will always try and jump to one of both extremes: raising our expectations to the maximum because we look forward to things, or paint a negative picture because EVERYTHING is just bad.

The art of being content is balancing our feelings in-between, and being open to everything life throws at us. Just don’t make a drama out of it.

Unfortunately, we humans are sometimes born drama queens. But fight the urge to dramatize, and instead, make it a dramedy. See the comical things in life, take experiences as something you’ve learned from, and move on.

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Because as soon as we did, the vacation developed to be something amazing. I loved the greens of this island, we took beautiful pictures, visited breathtaking sights, and were swimming with wild dolphins in the open sea, which was unlike anything I had experienced before.

Life is beautiful. And yes, sometimes there is a bittersweet note to it. Sometimes it mocks us, tests us, and is full of irony. The skill we need to develop is looking at the big picture and seeing what is really important in life: our relationships, our health, and the way we influence the world around us.

If we are focused on those things, we are prepared for the unexpected. Because those small (and sometimes major) things will never throw us out of balance.


Just a traveling note: I LOVED Sao Miguel!

Enjoy the video to get a feel for this island, ask me about specific places and let’s talk about this beautiful place in the comments.



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