Native Indian Proverb

“Those who tell the stories
rule the world.”


Have you always wanted to peek behind the curtain of storytelling? Maybe you want to write stories yourself?

My name is Diana. I have loved stories since I was little, could have spent hours and hours reading books or watching Disney movies. I’ve read books about writing and filmmaking, studied film directing and became a writer and director.

Stories make us human. Stories inspire, they touch the deepest parts of our soul and connect us in a way probably nothing else can. In this blog, I want to show you the process of how my books are created and help you lead a sustainable lifestyle & tell YOUR story. It is my passion to empower people by demonstrating how creativity can drastically change your life – and, quite frankly, the whole world.


What you get here


This blog is composed of three categories: my fiction, creative lifestyle & writing.


My Fiction

I am an author, and for everyone who loves dystopian, sci-fi books with addiction potential, deep themes and historical references – you’ll love my “Prometheus” Series! just head over to dwink-author.com to get hold of the books. If you have, this category is the place where you’ll find in-depth insight about how my novels come to life, including research trips, facts & ideas behind the plot, trailer shooting and much more.


Creative Lifestyle 

Where to get the ideas from? How to make time to be creative? How to treat my time wisely? How to live a life that is worthy of a “calling”? These and many more questions are answered in the “creative lifestyle” category.

I found out very soon that being creative is not just about the skills. It’s about lifestyle. Everything I do or don’t do is reflected in my storytelling.

There is so much more to a creative lifestyle:
Inspiration. Fitness and healthy nutrition. Friends and mentors. Education. Places to visit. Contacts to establish. Routines (very important!). Tricks to ease the creative process. And much much more.

All of this you’ll find in the creative lifestyle category.

Make the decision to start your creative journey, and enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the results.



In the writing category, you’ll find everything you need to learn the craft of a storyteller and master both basics and advanced topics.

Many creatives start off hating rules and regulations, especially when it comes to writing. They hold the view that rules would only limit creativity and destroy their individuality. This view is ignorant. But remember one thing: Picasso was a master painter in the “classical” sense as well. He had the skills.

Imagine someone wanting to play the violin but refusing to learn the craft. This is ridiculous. This “creative” approach will be a pain for the ear and the soul. With storytelling,  the case is exactly the same.

Believe me when I say that the rules of storytelling will only make you more creative, and your stories more powerful and engaging. Every principle I learned had supplied me with endless ideas and made my creative mind think and rethink story components. By mastering the craft you receive a great “gift” – a gut feeling for the right and wrong in stories, a sensibility to story mistakes and endless ideas of how to fix them.