Live a fulfilling life 

Discover your passions 

Tell your story


Mastering the power of both storytelling and creative living is maybe the greatest power there is.

There is a Native Indian proverb, saying:
„The one who tells the stories rules the world“

I love this proverb because it symbolizes a truth that was relevant both in times past as it is now:

Storytellers have a power beyond what they can grasp yet.

This 8-week-course is for all the creative rebels, the travelers through this earth who want to leave a mark when they’re-gone.

It’s for the struggling artist who yearns to lead a lifestyle that fits his desires and helps him stay productive

It’s for the brave ones, those who are ready to embrace their potential and create something that will change the world.

The course includes topics like:

  • how to come up with the greatest ideas
  • why talent is never enough
  • how to take care of your body & mind
  • the body, soul & spirit of Story
  • how creativity will change your life and finally – the world

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