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Welcome to Story Artist, 

where you will find resources to become a master storyteller & lead a fulfilling and creative lifestyle.

We all have the untold story inside of us, and I honestly believe that telling this story through (any form of) art is the best thing we can do in life! Only when we lead a creative lifestyle can we both be fulfilled and nurture others with what we have inside of us. In this blog, you will discover how to start your creative adventure, go onto the path of mastering villains, characters and plot and at the same time change your own life to effectively pursue creativity. 

I'm Diana Wink, author & film director, gym freak & creative entrepreneur. 

And I love stories with all my heart, because I believe that they have the power to transform and touch the very core of our being. Even Jesus used stories to talk to people. 

There is so much to the craft of storytelling & the way of living creatively, and I try to bring it all to one place and help you kickstart a life that is an adventure, joy & fulfillment, while at the same time changing the life of others along the way​.

There is so much negativity in the world, but I want you to consider life an amazing adventure to be experienced and created! And there IS a way of doing this: by becoming a creative storyteller! ​

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