The world needs your story. The world needs your creativity.

Inside the imagination of the most, a storyteller is an elderly chap with grayish hair and cosy wrinkles, sitting in an antique chair by the chimney, or at a wooden table where he still writes with ink on paper.

He has a mysterious and inviting smile, and who wouldn’t take at least five minutes to join him at the chimney in his typically British house and listen to what he has to tell?

Even for me, this picture bears a nostalgic yearning.

But in truth, every one of us is a storyteller.

There is a unique story inside every one of us. Not one is identical, not one is the same.

People are so unique in their experiences, their DNA, their upbringing and their character that not one story equals the other.

Your story is unique.


1. The agony of an untold story 

I’m not a writer. That’s what many think.

Meanwhile, most lead a sorry existence in their day jobs.

I believe, this is because there is the agony of an untold story inside of us. Those who become authors, bloggers or pursue other creative careers are finally able to express their stories. And they love it, despite the struggles.

This is what creative storytelling offers – the opportunity to tell this story that has been created inside of you throughout the course of your life. It gives you the joy of sharing and impacting the people around you with your uniqueness.

There are endless ways to tell stories. In our world of media, stories can be told in film, photography, design, music, as a speaker, a coach or a teacher.

This is also the most exiting time to become a storyteller. Why? Because nowadays, your creations can be accessed by the whole world through the power of the internet.



2. The power in your hands

Very often, when considering creative career change, the first thing we wonder about is money. It is an issue.

But money can never be a reason for your story to be told. Because if it is, you will abuse the power given to you. And there are enough scammers roaming the internet to find their pray and make fast money.

You owe it to the world to tell your story for one reason and this reason alone: To help the people around you. You story is an enrichment, it is an inspiration, an anchor in time of need and a truth amongst lies.

So the first thing to ask yourself is: How can my story help people? What are the unique experiences and character traits I possess that can help the others grow? What knowledge base do I have to nourish?



3. The builder of a house

Have you ever walked into a person’s house, and suddenly felt at home? Have you ever left a house feeling inspired by the interior, the light, the language every bit of decoration spoke, the rich conversations and laughs?

Story is a home you build. Your home. A place for others to feel safe. A world that speaks out of the deepest parts of your soul.

Don’t be fooled. It takes dedicated work and time to build a house. To create a story, a good story, you’ll sweat blood and tears.

It takes skills to build a house.

When I decorated my home, I didn’t just bring anything together that came to my mind. I looked for inspiration, current trends, interior design, styles and colors. I can’t even imagine how many more skills are needed to build a house „from scratch“.

The same goes for a story – to make it accessible, beautiful and strong, you need to learn the skills:

From the basics of laying a foundation to the details of decorating the rooms.

But it will always be worth it in the end because this is a house where others find endless wonder, rest and inspiration, and maybe even a home.


4. Practical ways to start

I don’t know why you stumbled upon this blog. Maybe in search of inspiration, out of boredom, looking for help writing a book, or in desperation about you current unsatisfying life situation.

But I hope what you are looking for is change, an adventure, an impulse for creativity.

If you remember one thing that it has to be this: You need to tell your story.

There is nothing mystical behind it – it’s the mastery of storytelling principles and a switch into a dedicated creative lifestyle.

Start by downloading my free ebook „Create“, and roaming throughout my blog for advice and inspiration.

Start by changing your lifestyle and making commitments. Start by telling stories.


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  1. I love this and it’s something that I’m starting to feel more and more passionate about. I’m convinced that stories are going to bring us together, and we need this now more than ever!


    1. So true, Lani! Stories have such a great power to lure us in, teach us, take us to an adventure, make us think and root for the outcome, and the good ones never let go of us, even after years and years have passed. It’s a universal language 🙂


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