There is a Native Indian proverb, saying:

„The one who tells the stories rules the world“


I love this proverb because it symbolizes a truth that was relevant both in times past as it is now:

Storytellers have a power beyond what they can grasp yet.

Who is this blog for?

It’s for all the creative rebels, the wind chasers, the travelers through this earth who want to leave a mark when they’re gone. It’s for everyone who would like to master the craft of storytelling, whether by writing, filming, or photographing. It’s for the struggling artist who yearns to lead a lifestyle that fits his desires and helps him stay productive. It’s for the creative who needs a community and daily inspiration. It’s for the brave ones, those who are ready to embrace their potential and create something that will change the world.

But we aware traveler: This is a blog that will continually challenge you, challenge your mindset and your work ethics. But a traveler is open for change, never caught up in his comfort zone, eager to try out new paths.

Here, you’ll find inspiration for daily life, advice for routines and other struggles, and most importantly: a path to becoming a storyteller who can impact the world around him.

In this world, there is much noise. Information. Advice. But there are few stories that change us, touch our world and leave an impact. Stories have this power. They can be told in many forms and languages, but there is a universality to them that touches every human heart.

Let’s be those who tell these stories. Let’s be the artists who impact their community, by both their work and their lifestyle. Let’s destroy the myth of the starving, chaotic and depressive artist by living a life that is worthy of imitation.

Anyone can be an artist. Anyone can be a storyteller.

Learn the craft, change your life and begin changing the world around you.


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