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The second week of this summer’s trip, we spent in some regions of Andalusia, which, after the high contrast to Scotland, were majestic in their own way. Our base was Conil de la Frontera, a city in white situated at the ocean, where high winds moved the sand like dunes and surfers occupied the waves. This city is for those who love the local culture, long stretching beaches, and tasty local fish on the plate.

Sevilla was the next destination, and everything about this city seems unreal somehow, like being trapped on a movie set. All buildings are a mix of European and Moorish-Muslim style, the wide streets roaming with horses and carriages. What those pictures cannot tell you: this city is full of unusual sounds. The occasional deep mutter of some mysterious beetles, small sweet parrots with their subtle shouts and flaps, and the permanent sound of hoofs against the concrete.

There are two places especially well known in Sevilla. The first one is the Palace of Alcázar. Despite the unbearable heat, it captivates with its oriental flair, diverse architecture and the magnificent garden. No wonder films and TV shows like Game of Thrones,  Lawrance of Arabia and Kingdom of Heaven made this palace their set on several occasions.

The second place is the Plaza de Espana. Here also, there are both traces of Renaissance and Moorish architecture, and a haunting feeling of secrecy and pleasure when you sit at the fountain where on hot days a rainbow greets you, or roam along the pillars where one of the Star Wars movies was shot.

A treat for film lovers! As for the rest, I’ll let the photographs and film speak for themselves. Enjoy, and please comment!

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