Happy Monday, Story Artists!

For me, this week is about two things: persistence & optimization

I get up and wonder if I am doing the right thing. Will this really amount to anything? Will I eventually make a change? I do wonder this concerning my blog, my books, my fitness routine and diet, my relationships even.

Impatient as we are, we want to see instant, world-shattering results. But this is not how real change works. If we want to build something that lasts, it can take years. Not weeks, not months. Years. So you better learn to enjoy the process and trust in it.

Persist this week. Don’t give up on your routines, don’t get discouraged because the results are not as you have imagined them – yet. Instead, love the process that changes you and create a life you love to LIVE.

On the other hand, optimize the process. There is nothing wrong in changing it over time to suit your needs. Try to find out what you love doing and what you’re good at, how you can make your products better and make your routines more effective.

For example, I decided to start my “Monday Inspiration”, where I’ll write a very short inspirational post every Monday morning and send it out into the world, hoping that it will inspire others to start their week and create.

In addition, here are your weekly inspirational resources that will rock your week:

Let me know your thoughts, inspirations & goals for the coming week in the comments section. Looking forward to it!


Live your story.



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