Happy Monday, Story Artists!

This week is about: doing the uncomfortable 

Yesterday inspired me and challenged me to do things that are uncomfortable because they bring real rewards.

Let old friendships catch a new flame by the power of forgiveness and insight. Speak about things long forgotten and pushed to the back of your mind. You may deny it, by they still nag at you. Once those words of apology are spoken aloud, admitted, brought to the other person’s heart, power is unleashed.

Take on more responsibilities that will form your character and help you serve people. We always want to know where our path is taking us. But we need to take it step by step, day by day. There are responsibilities that scare us, but if you accept them and do your best, you can serve the people around you. Some paths may be scary. Some might be difficult. But you need to take them to form yourself into a person you want to be. Because as you look back, you will discover that wonders happened once you were ready to serve.

Love people who are unable or unwilling to do it in return. Challange yourself to unconditional love this week. This means becoming vulnerable, but at the same time experiencing a freedom that your love and your actions are not based on what you get in return. You just love. And what freedom there is in love!

Challenge yourself this week to speak the truth, open your heart and do new things. Because this uncomfortable path is full of wonders, mysteries, and discoveries. Adventure awaits.

In addition, here are your weekly inspirational resources that will rock your week:

Let me know your thoughts, inspirations & goals for the coming week in the comments section. Looking forward to it!


Live your story.




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