Happy Monday, Story Artists!

I am currently on vacation, so this week is all about: disconnecting.

I am a person who needs to learn that, I think we all are, especially now, where everybody expects us to be available all the time.


Disconnect this week from:

1. the internet
This is so amazing! Resist the urge to check Whatsapp or see if anyone commented on Facebook. Just be there, and let your phone be somewhere else.
Actually, I’ll recommend to set aside a time a day where you connect and check social media, and stay disconnected for the rest of the day.


2. work
This one is very tough, especially for creatives and freelancers. Our “creating” brain is always on, always pondering about our businesses, our work, our projects. Even if we are doing something else, our mind is mostly focused on work. Try to let go, say, after the 6 p.m. Set yourself a time where work day is over for you, and MEAN IT.


3. other’s and your own expectations
But be aware of the expectations that pressure you throughout the day, and let on of them ON PURPOSE. Instead, focus on the life you want to lead and allow yourself mistakes on the way. Nobody’s perfect.


Focus this week on “disconnecting” from those three things, and you’ll see how you will gain a new freedom in your everyday life.

In addition, here are your weekly inspirational resources that will rock your week:


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