Happy Monday, Story Artists!

This week is about: setting the right priorities.

I’m back from vacation, and my To-Do List is HUGE.

Monday starts, and I already feel overwhelmed.

Let me show you three steps of how to organize your week and set the right priorities.

1. Be clear about what you want to achieve and how

So, there are the tasks and there are the routines. Routines are highly important, as they will carry you towards your long-term creative goal. First and foremost, prioritize those routines in your daily schedule, no matter how tight. Leave it out only in absolute emergencies. Whether it’s workout or a writing routine, or anything else that you established as a lifestyle, put it first.

Then come your other tasks and projects.

Get a Programm to organize them and have your To-Do’s all at one glance.

I use Trello, which is free, and this is how my Trello Board looks like:

I have the first tab that says TODAY, and then I have several upcoming Calendar weeks where I can move my tasks from the themed tabs like OFFICE, BLOG, BUSINESS, JOBS aso.

You can organize your day in Trello however you like, I found this method especially helpful. But it’s important that you can have a look at your tasks at one glance.


2. Don’t put short term goals first

It’s always tempting to do the things that seem urgent now. But those won’t usually take you far.

To avoid the conundrum, put urgency and long-term usefulness on the same level of priority. So make sure you complete an urgent and pressing task today as well as one that will bring you closer to your creative goals but does not seem that urgent and important.

Don’t forget to also set goals for personal development (like reading a book), family (spending time with the spouse or parents), and also to stay spontaneous for fun time throughout the week!


3. Take deliberate time to organize your day, week & month

It’s usually only 10-15 minutes a day, maybe 30 mins a week and a month, but it can make the world of a difference.

Before you rush off to the first task at the top of your head, sit down, look at your board for today and think it through in your head? Is it realistic? Do I have to put tasks back for tomorrow, and which do I do first? If it makes no difference, listen to your gut and feel free to pick the task you are most excited about.

Also, consider doing the more creative tasks in the morning, and the more analytic tasks in the afternoon, because in the morning your conscious mind is less active.


Hopefully, this helped you to stay focused this week and organize your tasks and priorities.

In addition, here are your weekly inspirational resources that will rock your week:

  1. Two new episodes of my all time favorite podcast: The Creative Penn.
    Mastering Amazon Ads With Brian D. Meeks
    Stop Worrying, Start Writing. How to Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt with Sarah Painter
  2. Is Facebook dead? Here’s a great Podcast for 5 actionable tips to get better Facebook results from ProBlogger.
  3. After having finished the last Game of Thrones season, I picked up a great printed edition of the first book at Oxford and I have to say: I love this book! Even if you’re not a fan of the TV series, you definitely need to check out the book. So much there to learn for writers!
  4. I’ve been traveling during the last two weeks, and I tried to stay offline, so I don’t have much more for you guys except for: Put Oxford on your bucket list and visit the Bodleian Library and the Blackwell’s book shop! Honestly, I wished I could have stayed there longer and just write, and read, and write, and read …

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