This Monday is a somehow a rough one for me, so this week I want to provide inspiration for how to: fight doubt. 

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep.

But maybe it’s the simple tiredness of seeing everyone succeed, watching from the side line.

It brings back all the questions lurking on the inside: Am I even good enough? Will I ever succeed? Will anyone ever appreciate my creative work?

You know the drill.

When all the insecurities suddenly resurface, we just feel down, discouraged and tired.

You have two options now:

#1 Get all depressed and bathe in self-pity.

#2 Fight the feeling.

Now that you look at it spelled out, the choice seems fairly obvious. So why are most of us choosing the first option far too often?

We elaborate on those thoughts. We let them drive us. We enjoy the sad and sickening feeling inside our hearts, because option #1 is convenient. It doesn’t require conscious and hard action.

Tell yourself to stop now and consciously choose option number two, promise to choose number two always when those feelings return to you. And they will.

Here are two great strategies to fight the doubt:

#1 Hard work always pays off

If you are willing to put in the hard work, you will succeed sooner or later. Everybody who has not given up along the way, at a time when the road became the hardest, reaped the rewards.

Its just a universal law: You will reap what you sowed.

So the best strategy against doubt is standing up and starting to put in the hard work day by day, week by week. A seed sown into the ground is invisible first, and needs time to grow. But you will reap, because hard work always pays off.


#2 You will become the person you believe yourself to be

If you get up every morning, a perfectly healthy person, telling yourself that you have cancer, you will die of cancer one day.

This principle is works also vice versa: If you tell yourself every morning that you are healthy, creative and successful, you will become this person.

Business people do this all the time. They pin affirmations to their desks, they say it out loud every day: the vision of this person they want to become.

What is your vision of yourself? A person filled with doubt and fear? No?

Then stop thinking those thoughts and begin to make new ones. Because we have the privilege on deciding which thoughts we want to think. Those doubts only stop you from getting what you want. They are a serious obstacle.

Be the vision of you in your heart already, and you will be it to the outside world soon.

Here are the additional resources that will rock your week:

  • I had the absolute honor to guest post on the Creative Penn this week, and in my article, I’m writing about how we can train out “creator eye” to watch movies and TV in a way that will benefit our writing.
  • Speaking of mind shifts: here’s a great video which mostly relates to health and weight, but also to other areas of life. It inspired me to think differently about my life and pay attention to my beliefs.


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