This week is about an important mind shift that I am in the process of: Business is Creative!

Being an author-entrepreneur is actually more creative than being “just” an author – that is what I came to understand! At least for me, it’s such an amazing mind shift that it gets me excited. 

I always thought I just wanted to write. Create worlds, bring words on paper and move on to the next story. But now that I’ve submitted my manuscript to an editor, and am working on a marketing plan, I begin to understand how much I love the process of what lies beyond writing: learn marketing, decide about the cover and everything that will bring my book to the reader.

Of course, it’s easier to leave it to the pros, and move on. And not everybody is wired for marketing. But I always had the misconception that marketing has nothing to do with the creative process, while in truth, it’s an insanely creative task. Let me tell you why.

There is no formula for marketing

Like with any creative task, there is no math you can do, no formula you can follow to make it work. And this is what makes it so exciting!

There are principles in marketing like there are principles in storytelling, but you never know if they will truly work. You have to be creative, try things out, retry things, come up with new and fresh ideas. If everybody does something in marketing, it stops working. So the secret is coming up with something new and bold, and see if it succeeds.

Business is creative because you have to be innovative about it.


Your product is something you believe in

I believe that my book provides value to the reader. It’s not a scam, it’s a product that precedes years of work that come from the heart.

It would be hard to give creative control up now that I’ve come so far. I believe in the story, and I want to believe in the way I present my product as well.

I love creating my author website, having control over the cover and editing my book trailer. I love writing a business plan and coming up with ideas of how to present this book I truly believe in to the reader. Those things are important for me because they are part of the book and part of my body of work. And wouldn’t want to give up the creative control of it!

Business is a creative craft indeed if you are not chasing the fast money but building for the long-term. Click To Tweet

I truly discovered the love for entrepreneurship in the past weeks, and I want to inspire you to do the same. Build your own brand, your own body of work and the products you believe in. Business is a creative craft indeed if you are not chasing the fast money but building for the long-term. 

Here are the additional resources that will definitely rock your week:

  • If you are interested in languages at all, here’s an amazing graphic & article about how languages developed! Just loved the way it is presented and really shows unexpected insight.



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