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Let’s start this week with some lessons I learned at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

There are tons of books out there.

And while this might read as a rather discouraging note, it all depends on the perspective. You could view those authors and books as rivals, but this is not a competition. Seeing the multitude of people coming to the book fair from all corners of the earth, I realized that there are enough readers for all of us. Our readers are out there, and they are looking for  new and exiting books. It’s like a harvest waiting to be reaped, and while you still have to stand out from the crowd and get the reader’s attention, your target audience is out there waiting for you.

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You need a Unique Selling Proposition.

Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, you should, by all means, refrain from writing a “me too” book. And while probably all the topics have been written about already, and you should be unafraid to pick up an oldie, you always need a unique twist, something nobody had ever done before with this topic, genre or type of story. For this, you have to know your niche and know the market you are writing for. You may think you have a new idea, but do your research to find out how new it really is, and if you might need another twist for it to become unique.


Be a sponge. 

Absorb everything around you. Be curious. Be bold. Get your inspiration from literally everything you see, read or experience.


The German Self-Publishing Market is way behind the English/American

Unfortunately, many trends arrive in Germany pretty late. The same goes for self-publishing. And while there are several companies and publishers who jump on the wagon now, everything is still very new and fresh. In fact, all the information discussed on the panels was so basic that I felt out of place – and I am a self-publishing newbie. So the places to go for better input and information are definitely conferences and summits in the English speaking market. 


All in all, it has been an interesting experience.

The one thing I want you to take away for this week is: The market for creatives is HUGE. People are still thirsty for amazing stories, hungry for knowledge. And the fact that the self-publishing market grows around the world is amazing because it gives authors the platform to tell those stories. Never think that the market is exhausted already. In fact, the more people write, the more people read because writing prompts you to read more books! So really, all of us should start writing, right?

The market for creatives is HUGE. People are still thirsty for amazing stories, hungry for knowledge. Click To Tweet

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