As “Winter is coming”, it’s important to adjust your body and set your mind on the right track – preparation is key!

The sun is stepping back in the northern part of the world. The days get shorter, and it’s dark almost every day already – the depressing season is about to begin.

I understand why they say “Winter is coming” with dread in their shaky voices in GOT. I’m dreading winter as well. It’s the flu season, the cold and dark part of the year that seems to suck all of my creatives juices out.

But this year, I want to be prepared. As winter is coming unavoidably, I better be ready to fight off the monsters.

What do I like about winter?

Let’s think about all those things we love in the winter season. Christmas. The gifts, the music, the lights. Freshly baked cookies. Sitting at a chimney while it snows outside. Hot chocolate.

Try to incorporate those things into your winter preparation. Redecorate the house with indirect lights, candles or even fire, warm cozy blankets, and put on some cookie ingredients on your December grocery list. Think about those beautiful things, and look forward to them. Don’t mourn for summer or you will miss the beauty winter can bring!

As the sun is nowhere to be found when you wake up, make sure you have another light source.

Nothing is worse than waking up while it’s dark and cold. Be prepared to fight those two obstacles directly in the morning. Put a warm bathrobe next to your bed, and have a light source you can switch on immediately when the alarm sounds, or, ideally, get yourself a Wake-up Light.

If you have speakers close or maybe even an Echo, turn on motivational music that will help you get into a the creative mood, and drink something hot to get the body juices flowing.

Vitamin C, a scarf, workout and enough sleep are key to staying healthy.

To get through flu season, you need to start strengthening your immune system now. Drink Vitamin C every day, work out on a regular basis, dress according to the weather and make sure you get enough sleep! Take special care of your body during winter season as nothing is more destructive to your creative goals than lying in bed with a fever.

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Winter can be an amazing season if we adjust our body and mind to it. But many are often still caught in “summer mode”. Don’t let the dreadful winter zombies overrun you, but instead be prepared to face them and stay as creative as you were during the warm and sunny summer days.

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