Every day, you have to make a decision that will impact your whole life.

What will you do with your time given to you?
We all have only 24 hours.

The possibilities are endless, everything around lures you in with magnetic hands, competing for attention. Travel, vacation, social media, Netflix, online shopping, food – the list is endless.

There is no harm in those things, right? They are good and can be useful. But don’t forget: Today, you only have 24 hours. That’s it. You have to decide how to use them.


In addition, the ever-present FOMO (fear of missing out) is haunting our every day lives. We want to be informed, anticipating the trends, knowing the latest movies and sensations. There is too much choice. And all of it seems harmless, good even. But how do you decide what the “better” choice is?

In today’s fast-paced world, we are accustomed to satisfying every need straight away. We want to be everywhere and do everything, chasing our own urges, seeking the good feeling of the moment. Tomorrow will be different, right? You won’t eat the whole bag of potato chips, you won’t swallow the chocolate bar, you won’t binge watch the new Stranger Things season. Except that, you will. Because you are used to making the easier choice.

So how to recognize the “better” choice?

The better choice is always the less comfortable one.

Get into the habit of making the UNCOMFORTABLE choice. Don’t take the easy route. Don’t do what everybody else is doing. Get used to making the hard decision and oftentimes to just say “no” to things you really really want right now.

The better choice considers the long-term results.

Do you write the next page of your book or go shopping? Today, shopping might seem like the more satisfying choice. It will provide you with a great feeling right away. But consider what happens in a year? Either you have a book or you have spent all your money. It is about the SUM of your decisions, but every decision you make today is one important component of that sum. It counts.

Te better choice hurts in the beginning but makes you strong and happy in the end.

Consider working out. To actually get up and go to the gym while your inner couch-potato yells with pain – it hurts. But once you have completed your workout, you feel energized, happier and stronger. This goes for all those activities where – in the end – you feel like you have really accomplished something meaningful.

The magic word that got lost in society is Forgoing.

And forgoing is a matter of training. You can train yourself to make the better decisions as long as you stop making excuses.

In life, we need to learn to forgo the good things for the better things. Click To Tweet

Today, choose the better things. Forgo the good ones.

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