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After the first and second draft of “Prometheus Rising”, I became aware that I haven’t been to several places that appear in the story. There is a lot of movement and exploration in the novel, and the main characters cover an extensive route from the Isle of Skye all the way down to Pembrokeshire and finally, London.

It was a spur of the moment that made me realize I needed to cover all the stops on this route myself – see the landscapes, the distances, get a feeling for those places. So I set out on an exhausting journey of seven days: from Skye to Loch Lomond, Lake District, Pembrokeshire and London.

This adventure changed the course of my novel, added significant detail and made me fall in love with the British Isle all over again.

Follow the “Prometheus Rising” route with me, walk in the footsteps of Adama and experience all those places mentioned in the novel first hand.

Have fun!

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