#9 – Intercultural creativity and artistic community with Caroline DePalatis

In this episode, I have an interview with Caroline DePalAtis, a writer and a pioneer for intercultural communications. It’s such a great interview with so many takeaways on culture, open-mindedness and also writing and being part of a community, and I love Caroline’s heart and her attitude on being generous with people and trying to sympathize and understand!

Caroline DePalatis has worked in the field of international education and service for 25 years. She believes magic happens when the nations of the world come together.

Caroline lives in Monterey, California. With her husband, Dale, her high school-aged son Luke and her daughter Erika they are developing YourGlobalFamily (formerly CultureWeave), a venture to help parents raise their children to be globally smart & engaged citizens, through education, community & adventure.

Caroline published a book in 2017 about her family’s experience living abroad, Jumping Out of the Mainstream: An American Family’s Year in China. You can check it out HERE.

Over the last 8 months, Caroline has become an active writer on Medium.com. She is a Top Writer in Culture, Short Story and Travel, now enjoying 2.5K followers and growing daily.


In this episode we’re discussing:

  • Caroline’s year in China with her family
  • How being intercultural can influence our art and creativity
  • Writing travel memoir
  • Getting 2.5K followers on Medium
  • Being helpful and part of a community

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What cultural background are you from and how has it influenced you?
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