#11 – How to easily defeat the 4 main writing struggles with Jim Woods

I’m interviewing author and writing coach Jim Woods and we will be talking about writing hacks that can easily help you defeat the 4 main author struggles – including writing habits, first drafts, revision and momentum.

It’s Wednesday 7th of August today, a day after what has probably been the hottest day in Germany yet with 38 degrees C and the hottest night. It’s early in the morning and we have 25 degrees already – and awaiting up to 30 again. But, despite the hot summer, I have an exciting interview for you today whatever you are doing – commuting to work, exercising in the gym or walking through the wilderness. Write me an email or connect via Instagram and let me know what you’re doing while listening to the show! Also, support me with a coffee a month if you fancy on Patreon and get some great freebies! Become a Patron!

Jim Woods is an author, freelance writer and writing coach who loves helping others share and tell better stories. For a long time, he ignored that he was creative. He didn’t realize that he was a writer or that he had a story to tell. He settled for the status quo, and it took a nervous breakdown for him to come to terms with the fact that he is a writer. Now he is in love with writing and the power of stories. But early on in his writing career, he didn’t know how or what to do to be successful. He felt alone and overwhelmed. He needed someone to be his writing coach or writing mentor. This is where his website comes in.     break break Jim also hosts the Finish Your Book Summit taking place on August 27th-31st, 2018.

The Finish Your Book Summit is a one-of-a-kind online event packed with helpful info to help you finish your book. The event features 16 short, action-filled interviews to help you turn that half-finished manuscript into a book. Best of all, each interview will give you the clarity you need to work on your book so you can finish it!

Guests include authors like Jeff Goins, Jon Acuff and EJ Wenstorm.


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