#13 – Overcoming challenges and self-publishing on low budget with Mateja Klaric

Today, we will be talking about how to face and overcome challenging setbacks in our creative life, how to start a career from scratch and how to self-publish on a low to no budget! Mateja has an extraordinary biography and very interesting and encouraging insight, and we touch on challenging topics of being broke, starting from scratch but also have a positive and very giggly spin on that in the end, so stay tuned to this interview.

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My interview on the Open Mic Podcast with Brett Allan.

  Mateja started to write short stories at the age of ten and later became a freelance journalist, radio personality, and explorer of the inner worlds. Her life resembles a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs and some pretty wild turns. Among other things, her car was destroyed by tanks and she survived several brushes with death as well as a complete destruction of her former way of life and career. Mateja graduated in psychology from Arizona State University and is now a writer and transformational guide.
Here are her books and this is her amazing website.
Also, she was so kind as to send me one of her t-shirts, which I love!


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