4 publishing trends for 2019 and how you can use them

New year – new scare.

New insecurities. New questions.

Or more likely: the same old insecurities and questions.

We all carry them into the new year: Will I be a better writer? Make more money? Will my creative business grow?

Seeing the relevant trends and using them to your advantage is key in every industry.

In her podcast and newsletter, Joanna Penn has pointed out the trends of 2019 publishing, and she is a genius when it comes to predicting the future.

Picking up the relevant trends, I’ll show you my ideas and intentions to use them for creative businesses – trying to give you some inspiration and encouragement.

1. The ear reads along

Audio is the next big thing.

I see it in my daily life. I consume more audiobooks and podcasts then I could ever read.

Life has become busy, so we have to consume on the go – while commuting, doing laundry or working out.

“Audiobooks continue to be the fastest growing segment in publishing.”

– Joanna Penn

Christine Munroe from Kobo Writing Life states:

“KWL direct audio uploading will be our first major platform update of 2019. We are still taking beta authors so anyone with audio files ready to go should email us at writinglife@kobo.com I’m exceptionally excited to add to the growing number of options authors have for reaching audiobook fans around the world.”

How can you use this trend? These are my goals:

#1 Create mini courses available both in audio and video

#2 Use Audio content marketing with my fiction – releasing a reading of one chapter a week of “Prometheus Rising”

There are many more opportunities. If you can afford a narrator, you could produce audio books or even plays, start a podcast.

2. Digital – not popular with everybody

In this digital age, it might sound surprising: Printed books are a huge opportunity for indies this year.

Print on demand makes it possible.

The ebook market is overflowing with Indies right now. Not so much the print market.

So if you are writing children’s books or cookbooks for example, or just want to get ahead of the crowd, start investing into print book marketing right now.

As a lover of paper books, I will definitely exploit the possibilities of Amazon Print for paperbacks and Ingram Spark for hardbacks, and focus both on ebook and print book marketing for my novels.

3. Learn to play – or pay

“Amazon shifted their focus in 2018 to grow their advertising revenue and this means that it is now a pay-to-play environment, in the same way that Facebook shifted a few years back. […] Indie authors will need to up-skill in marketing – either to use ads, or other means to get traffic to their books.”

– Joanna Penn

My first advice: Don’t rely on Amazon.

It can change its rules from one day to another and cost you your whole income if you do.

Knowing your way around AMS and paid advertising is great, but with every year, your focus should be on growing your own platform.

It sure is a good idea to know how to use paid advertising for short sale spikes. But this change is indicating that long-term content marketing remains even more important to drive traffic to your site and your books.

My goals relating to this marketing trend:

#1 Learn AMS and BookBub advertising (for book launches)

#2 Work on content marketing for my fiction (probably SEO friendly blog posts full of great content for my target audience, maybe even a new destination site)

4. Why you have to be a team player

“We think collaboration will be huge in 2019, with a greater number of authors working together to produce more and better work and to find and reach new readers. “Collaborative and cooperative” will become the buzzwords for 2019.”

Kevin Tumlinson at Draft2Digital

I loved collaborating in 2018 when I produced a storytelling online course with a great friend and amazing German blogger.

Collaboration fuels your creative energy.

It improves your craft.

And it opens news doors.

Think how you can collaborate this year to grow your business. My thoughts:

#1 Writing about creative collaboration in my 2019 blog posts

#2 Teaming up with a fellow author/blogger for at least one project


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  1. I was looking for the same topic on Google when I found your blog. The 2019 trend is surprising. yet, it gives you a challenging way of appreciating it. I’m excited for new trend in 2020.


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