What creatives need to know about fitness – with Dr. Darian Parker PhD

Welcome to another episode of the Story Artist podcast, and this is actually a special episode or an “inbetweeniesode” as I like to call them because it’s not a regular episode where I will tell you something about storytelling, and this is also not an episode that goes out on YouTube in video, but it’s an interview.

And I decided to do some interviews over the course of this year to talk about different topics and get to know new people from all the different industries. I have some amazing guests for you, a guests who will talk about investment and money, about editing and writing.

And today we have Dr. Darian Parker who will talk to you about exercise, fitness, and sports. And I think it’s an amazing episode, especially for the beginning of the year, because at this time we’re really motivated to do something. I just want to encourage you to stay motivated throughout the whole year.

This is why I decided to release this episode at the beginning of the year. Because I think we can channel this motivational energy, this starting energy, and turn it into something bigger. It turns into a habit that will last for us for a lifetime.

And everybody who’s already active and exercising, don’t skip this episode because I do fitness regularly three to four times a week. I lift weights for three or four years already, and I really do it regularly. Even when I became pregnant, I tried to stay active and lift weights during pregnancy and get back to it as soon as I could, as soon as my health allowed it.

And I still gained so much from this episode. It motivated me to push myself in the gym to get better, to do better. And it helped me to understand on a deeper level what exercise and sports do to our mind as creatives and how important it is. And it gave me the motivation to stay focused on exercise.

Even if sometimes it feels like I have to do so much, I have to write, I have to meet my deadlines, and I cannot exercise, but it’s so important and we have to prioritize it in order for us to feel good, to be more creative, to be more productive.

And I hope you enjoy this episode. Please don’t forget to rate the show on the app you’re listening to it. It will really help us spread the news about the show. If you like it, if you enjoy it, leave an honest review.

And now let’s jump straight into the interview.

Dr. Darian Parker has a Ph.D. in sports education leadership, is also a certified personal trainer in the fitness and wellness business for 18 years. While business is very important, what’s even more important is the human being behind the business, which I really love. 

Darian is also the host of Dr. D’s Social Network, a podcast on free form conversations about health, wellness, fitness, psychology, beer, social media and everything in between.



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