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Do you know how you want to go to the gym or make this healthy food choice instead of snacking or write this book? But you just can’t seem to be motivated enough. Well, there is a solution where you can be motivated every single minute and second of the day.

The solution is: you can’t. Please don’t click away yet and let me explain.

Do you think Michael Jordan was always motivated to play basketball? Do you think Stephen King is motivated to write every single day at eight or 8:30 AM? But he does. The truth is: you cannot be motivated every single second or minute of the day. It’s just not possible.

But this realization alone can help you realize that the people who are successful are like you – not always motivated. People who go regularly to the gym are not always motivated to do so. People who sit down to create or start this project are not always motivated to do it.

But there’s another solution that can help you to still stick to it and keep the motivation going in the long run.

How to stay motivated: focus on RESULTS

They say: enjoy the process. But there’s another, a more powerful motivator. Results.

What will motivate you in the long run? Find things that provide you with true and real results. And results can look differently for every single one of us.

Let’s take exercise for example. I don’t like running because I don’t like the results that it gives for me. I don’t like being out of breath. I don’t like having a headache after I ran for like even 20 minutes or half an hour. I don’t like even the results that it produces on my body. I don’t see that my body changes. I just don’t like the results.

The same as with home exercise. I don’t like exercising at home because  I just don’t feel comfortable. I don’t see the results coming in as quickly as I like, because it’s only mostly bodyweight exercise.

But what I enjoy is weight lifting. The results for me are just amazing. I like how it shapes my body. I like pushing myself without being super out of breath and just wishing I could die right here, but I still push myself to my limits. I like the results of being in this bubble, like having my music and training by myself, not depending on a coach or a group. I just like having this moment and doing weightlifting.

This is a result for me as well because it calms me down. It gives me peace, de-stresses in my life. And at the same time, I like the results that it gives to my body. I love the overall results of weightlifting. And this is why I like the process, but I also can bear not being motivated and not wanting to lift weights all the time and still go to the gym because I crave the results.

Exercise is actually a really good way to train your motivation muscles. Researchers have found that people who exercise regularly have more stamina and discipline in other stuff like quitting smoking, making healthy food choices, and even with work. They become more successful. So if you want to become more successful, more motivated, learn more discipline start a regular exercise habit.

Or let’s take your job. For me, the result is very specific. I really want to use storytelling because I believe in its power and the result for me is: I see that storytelling is working. I want to impact people on an emotional level. This is why I chose storytelling because it gives me this result, this emotional impact for people.

And also I like the result of being independent. Of being in charge of my own time. This is why I could never be in a nine to five job. I tried it, but I hated it. Because I just hate the results. I want to be in charge of my own time. I want to have days where I just don’t work at all or have days where I work for 12 hours because I want to be in charge and I want to have this freedom.

And this result is so important to me that I push through, even when I don’t want to write. And there are so many days where I don’t want to write, but then I find solutions to keep writing because I love the results.

How to stay motivated: beware of the LOW

And then will come the low. The low will always come. Believe me, even if you love what you’re doing, even if you love weightlifting, running, playing basketball, or writing or doing videos or whatever you like doing – there will be low moments where you’re just not motivated and where you don’t want to do it at all.

But those are the crucial moments because if you push through these lows, through the non-motivational time, because you still crave the results as we talked about, you will get better. Things will become different.

Because you will realize that you’re not dependent on this motivation. You can keep pushing. And on the other side, you will create a habit.

So how can you push through when the low hits?

Make it non-negotiable.

The most important principle is: leave yourself out of it, leave decision-making out of it. It’s not a decision. It’s non-negotiable.

And I know that this voice inside your head will keep bugging you. This lazy monster inside of you will tell you: why do you want to go to the gym? Or why do you want to sit down to write? Let’s binge on this Netflix series. Let’s eat some snacks and so on. This negotiating in your head will start, but you need to stop it.

You need to realize this is not a decision that you’re making. You’ve made it already beforehand. You’re just doing it. It’s not a question of if you will do it.

I know that I will exercise. Sometimes it’s a question for me when I will do it if I’ll do it in the morning or in the afternoon because this needs to be flexible with my day, but I know that I will do it.

It’s not a question of if. Even if this day is so full, I will find the time late at night to do my exercise. And why? Because I’m a person who exercises. And this is something that James Clear says geniusly in his book Atomic Habits.

Reprogram your identity.

You need to first change your identity. Who do you want to become? Are you a person who exercises? Are you a person who lives healthy? Are you a person who has healthy eating habits? Are you a person who writes? Are you a writer? Are you creative, are you a storyteller?

You need to change your identity because if you tell yourself: I’m a writer, I’m creative, it’s not a question of whether you will create or whether you will write, it’s only a question of when you can find the time in your day. And you will find it because you are this person.

So first change the way you look at yourself. And I know that many people who like, for example, try to exercise struggle because they don’t see themselves as people who exercise. They still have these feelings and thoughts about themselves. I’m not a person who is healthy, I’m fat.

Or people who try to be creative. Deep down inside, they think: I am not creative. Change the way you look at yourself. And maybe you’re not a person yet who’s creative or exercises or chooses a healthy lifestyle, but you will become it. If you change your identity first, and then you take decision-making out of the process and you can silence the inner voices that try to push you down on that couch and you can stand up and do the thing, even if you’re not motivated.

So say it out loud. Who do you want to be? What kind of person are you? Tell yourself: I am creative. I am a person who exercises. I am a person who lives a healthy life. Tell it to yourself and make it reality by proving it to yourself through your actions.

And believe me, it will get easier. It will get so much easier. Why? Because, on the one hand, it will become a habit. And the decision-making process will completely get out of your way because it will become a habit when you push through the lows. And two, because you will become this person. It will be a part of your identity and you will want to do it. The motivation will not be there maybe, but you will still want it because this is who you are.

Am I always motivated? Not at all. Do I fall off the wagon? Yes, I do. I do it very often, but the key is to fall off the wagon not as often as you stay on the wagon. So if you choose unhealthy food, then it’s fine because you choose it only let’s say once a week. But if you choose it more often than you choose the healthy option, then this gets problematic.

Pro-tip to stay motivated: Finish.

And another pro tip I have for you is to finish. I just recently experienced it when I finished writing my third book. And this finishing energy, it’s just so intoxicating. And there were so many moments when I wrote this book when I wanted to quit, when I didn’t want to do it anymore, when I just wanted to stop. And I pushed through.

And when I finally finished this book, I was so energized that I just wanted to go out and write another book. The finishing energy is something really, really magical that gets you pumped and it gets you excited about starting this new project. Why?

Because you see the results that emerge. So whatever creative endeavor you’re on, finish it. If you’re trying to exercise, give yourself a plan for the week. Well, how often you want to exercise and see it through, finish it. And when you look back, you will be so energized that you will go off and do another week of exercise. The same with a creative endeavor.

So whatever you’re doing, when you see the results, you will feel like you can conquer the world and you will be able to go and start something new.

You have to find whatever you need to bring you the results that you want. And then you have to push through the lows because the lows are the most difficult part to push through, but they count. If you can push through them, you will emerge victorious at the end. And you will finally start to see the results. And when you see the results, you will be motivated to push on and push on until it becomes who you are and until it becomes your identity and your habit. And also – coffee helps.

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