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If you’ve wondered:
“How can I tell the best stories and be heard?”

I’m here to guide you in every step of the way:

from your book idea to building a big author platform. 


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Many writing gurus out there focus on either writing craft or book marketing. They help you write great books or follow the latest book marketing trends.

But you are left alone to connect the dots…

The truth is: storytelling is the answer to the whole package. And if you can learn to tell the right story – from the book (product) throughout the marketing – and use the right tools, you will become unstoppable.

This is where Story Artist comes in.

In my blog, I’ll show you
• how to become a real writer
• the only way to build a long-term writing career
• one fatal mistake every author makes
• how famous writers really make it

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About Diana Wink


Story Artist was founded by Diana Wink, fiction author, blogger and film director.

With a passion for stories since she can remember, she studied film making and made a career as director of successful short films (awarded in festivals) and advertising. In 2015, she decided to go back to her roots and finally finish her first fiction book.

Since then, she attracted 5-star reviews, raving fans and written many more novels.

On Story Artist, she decided to share her journey and help aspiring authors in new and effective ways because her credo is:

There is a platform for every outstanding story. And you have one to tell.