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The lies we tell ourselves every day are deep-seated. Thank you, society. Myths and misconceptions about ideas and creativity are so deeply rooted in our thinking that we barely recognize them anymore. “I’m not a creative person.” – as if Hemingway was born with pen and paper. “I just can’t come up with a good

Are you about to write your first novel? Stop right now and read this first. I wish I had stumbled upon an article like this before I started writing my very first draft. I wish somebody had told me those 10 things. And especially, I wish I had taken them seriously. Now that I am

I’m tired of living this way. It was a cold autumn morning. My husband had a short break when we talked on the phone, my daughter was running circles around me. I was staring at our bank balance. A huge debt staring back at me. I had to hurry: drop my toddler off at daycare

I need my dose of inspiration. Daily. Yes, I’m a junkie. There were days where I thought I’d never make it as a writer. Days where I wanted to stay in bed, pitying myself. Those days are over. Why? Because of all the amazing people who made it work, and who share it. Their example

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