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How to be a great storyteller

How to become a great storytellerGreat storytellers are rare. But their impact on society is profound. J. K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin, Chris Nolan, Martin Luther King Jr. … What is so special about them? Are there unique qualities to superb storytellers that make them stand out from everyone else? And if there are, can

How to write a bestseller

You want to write a bestseller. Just admit it. Don’t you put your hopes in every book, thinking: This might be it? Don’t you yearn to crack the bestseller-code, discover that one formula that will get your books to the top? I will let you down. There is no formula. If there was, everybody would write one. But wait! Don’t click

The Minimalistic Guide to Copywriting

You hate marketing. All writers are the same. We love to tell stories. We love the process of story writing. We love to elaborate and fill this blank page. The white, empty space drives us nuts. But marketing is the dirty, ugly word nobody wants to whisper in the artistic gathering. The sound of it

Creativity Blogs for Content Creators

The 10 insanely inspirational blogs that will take your creativity to the next level in 2021 It’s hard to be a creative on 2021.  The vicious news cycle, ever changing market and daily worries and insecurities pressure you like never before.  Creating content is not like plumbing a toilet or filling an excel sheet. We creatives always