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Get up. Tell a story. Repeat. – How to build a sustainable lifestyle as a storyteller.


  This tweet speaks from the heart of any author.Authors are book nerds. If you’re not, you’re in the wrong business.A book store or library is like a cake buffet (except for actual cake buffets). But your love for reading can become your downfall. Especially with books on writing.An endless number of them roam the internet.

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The 8 best books in writing and how to use them

            How to spend less time procrastinating and more time writing  Are you under the Tantalus curse? If you stroll around your day, tantalized by every little thing that stops you from writing, listen up. In this article, I’ll show you how to beat procrastination and finally start writing for good. I’ll give you the magic potion to beat

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How to start writing

The only secret of success for writersA friend of mine recently gave birth to her very first child. I could tell that she was struggling, but the way she framed her everyday battle stuck with me. “Life’s not like in the Pampers adverts,” she said.  Inside, we have hidden expectations about how our lives should look like.

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The secret to success – what most successful people have in common

12 habits that made Tolstoy a highly prolific author – conquer the writing battleThe earth shook with cannon fire. Debris flew around his ears, the screams of the dying suffocated by the sound of the impact. Yet still he wrote—even on the battlefield.  Tolstoy produced 119 works of literature, at least two of them considered the best novels

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12 Productivity Habits of Leo Tolstoy

The 10 insanely inspirational blogs that will take your creativity to the next level in 2021 It’s hard to be a creative on 2021.  The vicious news cycle, ever changing market and daily worries and insecurities pressure you like never before.  Creating content is not like plumbing a toilet or filling an excel sheet. We creatives always

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Creativity Blogs for Content Creators