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The 10 insanely inspirational blogs that will take your creativity to the next level in 2021

It's hard to be a creative on 2021. 

The vicious news cycle, ever changing market and daily worries and insecurities pressure you like never before. 

Creating content is not like plumbing a toilet or filling an excel sheet. We creatives always invest our entire heart and soul into our work. 

To keep producing great content, we need a dose inspiration. Hacks, helping voices and hands from other content creators that go before us.

I'm a junkie when it comes to the blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels that fill me with new motivation and ideas to keep growing.

And I want to get you hooked, too.

These insanely inspirational creativity blogs will help you become a better creative, live a healthier and more sustainable life, reach more people with your content – and just stay afloat when the waves of change seem to drown you. 

3 creativity blogs for writers

1. Become an empowered author – The Creative Penn Podcast

creativity blog for writers 1

Joanna's podcast is the only one where I listen to EVERY SINGLE episode.

For years.

I'm a proud Patron and I consider her my online mentor. 

Her introductions feature news from the writing world and she is always ahead of time when it comes to new developments in the creative industry – and now, she's even added "in-betweenie-sodes", episodes in-between the regular ones that focus on technological developments and AI in the creative industry. 

Her interviews are always filled with gems, even if  I'm initially not interested in the topic (like writing memoir or cozy mysteries), I always have so many takeaways! 

Just for the sake of listening to "The Creative Penn Podcast", I wish self-driving cars would come faster so that I could finally take notes when I'm listening on my commute. 

I would have filled several notebooks by now!

You can listen to the podcast on your favorite podcast app or check out out right here.

2. No-nonsense book marketing –
David Gaughran's Blog & Newsletter

creativity blog for writers 2

Book marketing is overwhelming. 


So what I love about David is his way of making this subject fun, simple and straightforward. 

I feel like David gives away everything for free – his free video course, his two books when you sign up for his newsletter (which you should), his YouTube videos and blog articles – all of this contains so much knowledge and actionable tips!

Seriously, I have all of his books on my shelve and just waiting for him to release a premium course so that I can finally buy it 😁. His approach is straightforward, honest and no-nonsense. 

Because who has time for that?

Also, I always leave his weekly emails with a grin on my face.

Visit David's website and subscribe to the newsletter — you won't regret it!

3. Cut to: Lessons from the Screenplay YouTube Channel

creatives blogs on screenplays

Michael’s channel is worth a follow.

Whether it’s looking at the anatomy of story structure, or how to create the ultimate antagonist, he tries to make every video provide a useful lesson while also highlighting the reasons we love our favorite movies.

There is a seemingly endless number of great films to examine, and he finds the lesson in all of them.

Channel tour:

If you want to understand antagonists and their power, don’t miss out on this video (my favorite!): The Dark Knight — Creating the Ultimate Antagonist

Why the USS Callister episode of Black Mirror is an act of genius: Black Mirror — Now Entering the Twilight Zone

2 Creative Marketing Ressources

4. All things marketing – The Akimbo Podcast

creativity podcast for marketing

How to game the New York Time's bestseller list? 

Wanting to learn the Quantum Theory of Customers?

Maybe learn how advertising build the world or what helmets have to do with marketing? 

Seth Godin's books and this podcast opened my eyes to what marketing really is, and made me fall in love with it. 

Each week, I look forward to the episode with anticipation – it's short, entertaining, sometimes mind-blowing, and always leaves me smarter and more engaged with marketing than ever. 

This podcast is not about step-by-step manuals. It's about an outlook on the world and our place in it, about knowing the history and the principles of marketing. 

But exactly this will make you a better and more creative marketer. 

Listen to the podcast on your favorite app and get the show notes right here.

5. All things SEO – Backlinko Blog

I'm a little obsessed with design. 

And I would have included this blog just for the sake of it's layout. But of course, there's so much more inside. 

When it comes to things SEO related, Brian Dean does a great job explaining all the technical details and getting you excited about the possibilities in front of you. 

But I especially love The Content Marketing Hub, A Free Library of Content Resources that includes things like:

  • Content Markting Fundamentals
  • Blog Post Templates
  • Fundamentals of Web Copywriting
  • Multimedia Content 
  • Content Promotion and Distribution 
  • and much, much more...

This will give you endless content ideas 💡, I promise.

4 Lifestyle Blogs for creatives

6. Productivity & "Mild Entertainment" – Matt D'Avella

He wore the same shirt for 3 years. 

Yeah, the one you see above. 

Okay, not THIS same shirt, he has like ten of them or so. 

But if you want to learn why you never have enough time, how small habits can change your life, how to overcome anxiety, embrace digital and other forms of minimalism, or just enjoy amazing visuals paired with great content – this is the YouTube channel for you. 

Check it out right here.

7. If you need some calm –
Pickup Limes YouTube Channel & Blog

When I listen to Sadia's voice, I feel at ease. 

I love their beautiful studio (as I said, I'm a little obsessed with design), love the way the makes recipes and provides great ideas for an alternative, healthy lifestyle without forgetting beauty and taste. 

It's just a great resource for a much needed escape, wellness and some well-being in these chaotic times. 

Plus, they have a great free recipe library on their website!

Head over to pickuplimes.com right here.

8.  Building Atomic Habits – James Clear's Blog

creativity blog for a sustainable lifestyle

This one is probably the best blog on productivity and habits! It contains endless articles and resources on lifestyle topics, and it really helped me understand how the human mind and habit forming works.

At its core lies the question: How can we live better? James answers it in two ways.

On one hand, by trying to understand the forces that shape failure and success, on the other hand, by applying the principles to everyday life.

Start by just clicking on the Articles category where James will lead you through all the aspects his blog contains.

My favorite: For a More Creative Brain Follow These 5 Steps

Many say: I’m just not creative. But this is a lie. Everybody can be creative, I honestly believe that. This is a misconception, and those five steps will help everybody kickstart their creativity.

9. The healthy dose of truth – The Food Medic Podcast

There are so many misconceptions and wannabe truths about healthy living out there. 

But if you want to know the real deal, listen to the Food Medic Podcast. 

Episodes from the last season include topics like:

  • How to Sleep (Better)
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Sports Nutrition In Crossfit & Weightlifting
  • How to Stay Calm in a Global Pandemic (we all need that, right?)
  • Making + Breaking Habits

All the previous seasons are also worth a listen and include countless eye-openers – all from an approachable but medical perspective that is based on solid research.

We all need a sustainable lifestyle to stay creative for the long term. Because who can think about creativity when fighting desease? 

Allow yourself this daily dose of inspiration to live a healthy life and boost your creativity.


10. For Outstanding Content Creators – The Story Artist Podcast

I know, self-praise stinks. 

But I would be a bad marketer if I didn't include this into this list, don't you think 😉?

Also, I absolutely believe in the worth of my podcast and YouTube channel, or else I wouldn't be doing it. 

So if you want to learn how to create exceptional content, find your tribe, live a creative and impactful life – subscribe on your favorite podcast app or directly on YouTube. 

I have occasional guests like Joanna Penn or David Gaughran, writers like Blake Crouch and Hugh Howey, and do short inspirational episodes on topics like "How to live the extraordinary life", "Coffee & Creativity" and "How to make the best use of your time".

I hope you enjoyed my list for 2021.

If you have more amazing resources, don't forget to share them in the comments below.

One last word of care: All these resources are made to move you to action.

Don't just be a consumer. The temptation is there because  doing something means moving out of a convenient place.

Creatives need a healthy dose of both. If you work non-stop without loading up your creative well and educating, you will eventually burn out and get stuck.

But if you never move to create, your heart will become dull. Those resources will lose their meaning because they are meant to evoke practical change in your own life.

So now, go ahead. Fill up your creative well and start becoming an inspiration for others.


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