Tough questions & inspiring answers for storytelling craft and an artist's life.

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What's in for me? – I know that's what you're wondering. We're all selfish, be honest.

#1 It's short.

Every episode is around 10-15 mins.  
Because who has time for endless babbling when you can squeeze much more content into a time-frame everyone can spare?
Certainly not me.

#2 It's available EVERYWHERE.

Available on over 12 platforms, both in video and audio.
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Subscribe to my YouTube channel (which you should anyway because I also make amazing videos ;)).

#3 It focuses on simple principles you can apply straight away.

This show is all about straightforward principles of writing and creative lifestyle you can use RIGHT NOW.

#4 It's consumable on the go and yet strong enough to make your day. 

The content is ALWAYS inspirational and educational in terms of craft and productivity. You won't lose precious time yet will gain new insights.

#5 It's weekly. 

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