7 effective ways to revolutionize your storytelling skills
(from the comfort of your couch)

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Known from:

“Have a movie projector in your head
every time you write.

James Patterson

On average, most of us spend over 3,5 hours watching TV per day. 

What if this was time well invested into your storytelling powers? 

I created this guide to change the way you watch films – 7 exercises you can incorporate into your daily live & train your inner movie projector. 

Short. Sweet. Insightful.

It includes: helpful learning videos & images, tips for the antagonist, transitions, openings and much more!

Want to write like a skilled storyteller?
See, feel, smell your scene clearly in front of you?

With these exercises, your inner movie projector will never be the same – all while comfortly watching your favourite TV show or film. 

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