8 steps to
a sustainable
creative routine

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Known from:

“Story is as much a part of humanity as
our upright posture and our social behavior.”

Libbie Hawker

You have this dream of being a storyteller. 

But the numbers are discouraging: 
There are nearly 50 Million books on Amazon. Why should anybody even read your book? 

The dream of writing a book "one day" retreats into the far distance ...
But the frustration remains.

How important are your creative goals?

Don't give up just yet.

Millions of those titles will never make it into the hands of readers because of one missing ingredient: consistency. Millions of those authors will fail or probably already have.

So there is one simple hack to stand out from the crowd: Your daily life.

A friend of mine said one sentence that changed my life:  
Create an everyday-routine you don’t want to escape from.

A routine that will create consistency and take you closer to the life of creativity and deeper impact that you've been yearning for.

Your daily life is the key.

Do you have a daily creative routine?

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